What do flower tattoos mean ?

  Flower tattoo designs are popular not only for women but for men as well.  Here we will present the most common flower tattoo meanings.

  Cherry blossom

Famous for its  other name Sakura in Japanese, it symbolizes nature and beauty. Symbol of spring and new beginning, new life, purity and fragility of it all as well.



Chrysanthemum flowers represent men’s generosity and greatness. Chrysanthemum literally  means  flower of gold and has a significant meaning in life for numerous Asian cultures.


Daisy tattoo represent loyalty and love above all. Also pure love and innocence – especially depicted with a crown.


Dandelion tattoos usually depicted as head and seed, means change and transformation. Also a symbol of hope and positive attitude towards change


Hibiscus flowers grow in Hawaii and express respect. Often in bright colors, the yellow hibiscus symbolizes friendship, red hibiscus – love and passion.



It symbolizes purity and elegance. It is also a symbol of piece and wellness. Imagine yourself in piece in a South France lavender field.



The meaning of a lily tattoo depends on the color. For instance lily of the valley tattoo means sincerity and purity, the piece lily means piece and inner balance, tiger lily means motherhood and rebirth.


Lotus flower is associated to Buddhist values of piece and enlightenment. The flower and the lotus position in Yoga is a tattoo to symbolize focus, piece and faith.


In general orchid means purity, beauty, refinement and elegance. The color is also important. Typically white orchids mean innocence, the blue orchids – peace and Zen.


The tattoo of a peony represent beauty and love, just like roses. But also in many Asian cultures they could be associated with prosperity and nobility.




Roses are symbol of romantic love and passion, especially the red ones. The other colors also have meaning. Black roses mean tragic love, devotion, strength. The blue roses – mysterious or unattainable love.


Sunflower tattoos mean positivity, warmth, loyalty and energy. They represent the sun giving light, life and joy to everything on this planet.


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