Tattoos - large, small or color...they express your personality.


   They all, different and unique on their own way, can obsess your mind and soul and keep you young at heart. Playful and gentle preffered by men and women.

  Small tattoos

They are the most delicate and discreet way to add some ink to your tattoo collection. Whether it is a small heart, hidden under the wrist or a miniature on the ribs, tattoos are the new trend among the young tattoo fans. Small tattoos are charming and often feel like jewelery for those who have them. Many like this "accessory" - small words, stars, eyes and other, can be fun and facetious. Fresh and juvenile, mini tattoos inspire for more and more, but before you mark your choise search inspiration among milions of tattoo designs that suit you best.

  Many clients like smaller and more individual, linked together or not, tattoo designs. This is a great opportunity for those who have diverse interests and ideas they want to combine. We truly love such projects and they are always unique for each client.

  Large tattoos

  Go big or go home. From sleeves to full back pieces, submerge in the large and out of the cliche tattoo world. The large tattoos keep gaining popularity. Despite being a matter of brave decision, we keep creating designs for sleeves, legs and back, which vary from one continious piece to many linked together. Due to the size, complexity and time these projects take, we often recieve many questions about the process. 

  So here it is some information, which can be helpful to make a decision if you choose a larger tattoo design. 

  Time to complete a tattoo

  The most frequently asked question is about the time needed to complete a project. Because everithing is individual there is no a universal answer, without discussing the details for your desired tattoo piece. large pieces are different which means that they have a significant difference in time to complete the project. While some tattoos take one long sitting, other designs can require few sittings and multiple sessions over weeks or even months. You may have to spend 8 or more hours in the chair.

  Design a tattoo

Again, tattoo designs vary, from person to person, each tattoo has to be individual and it allows you to take the most important decision, when it comes to your dreamed large piece. The final result of these works always astonishes, leaving the client with a tattoo which stands out and impresses. If the tattoo is big and intriguing, also increases the time till completion.


And at last, one huge bonus-everithing is in details. Large tattoos apparently require more skin surface. This way it is possible to emphasize on individual aspects to create truly detailed and realistic piece. Not only this, but larger tattoos don't fade in the same way as smaller ones, preserving the good contrast in color or black & gray tattoos.

  Color or Black & Gray

  One of the most important decisions to make is to determine whether the design will be in color or Black & Gray. You may have not considered and you may thought "Only one tattoo  is enough and i am pleased". We all love spontaneity, but because your tattoos are expensive art statement, to provide extra time could relieve the whole process in the next steps.

  Looking for guidance?

Search what to consider when choosing among all different ideas you may have in your head.

  If you want a tattoo, bright as your personality, then color is you way to go. Such tattoo styles are:

American traditional tattoos 

Neotraditional tattoos

Watercolor tattoos

Japanese tattoos

When it comes to color tattoos, Japanese is one of the most recognized styles. It includes a blend of imageries with a significant cultural meaning and bold line work.

Japanese tattoos is one of the oldest dating back from 5000 years ago. They often depict symbols from the Japanese culture and folklore - dragons, koi fish, flowers, waves and many others. Very often in color, with a contrasting colors, but can also be monochromatic. Both stay well and attract attention.

  They all are styles that stay well in color. Some tattoo artists choose to work and create only color tattoos or entirely only one style, that's why it is a good idea to see their portfolio. When you choose who to trust, choose someone whose work matches your vision. Sometimes your tattoo artist can offer a size change or simplifying the color palette of the tattoo design, for more contrast, integrity and good final result.


  Black & Gray tattoos

You want density and contrast, Black & Gray tattoos are exactly for you. 




  These are tattoo styles in simple but never boring palette.

But wait! There are variations of the monochromatic tattoos.

There are three types Black & Gray tattoo styles

-Blackwork tattoos, which is only a black pigment with no gradiend

-Black and Gray tattoos, in this style tattoo artists use different black pigment solutions, with lighter and darker shades.

-Opaque Gray tattoos, which are made by mixing black and white pigment in different shades of gray.

Designs like small tattoos on the finger, small letterings and scripts, delicate designs can be worked in Black & Gray. 

Bold and detailed designs also stay well in this style.

  Tattoo aftercare

  This is also among the most important things. The person entirely responsible for it is you. Strictly follow the guidance your tattoo artist gave you. Neglecting and lack of care and attention could ruin entirely the masterpiece you have.

   And at last, communication with your tattoo artist during the process is the key and your both will feel comfortable and have an immaculate final result.

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