Tattoo meanings

  Tattoos date back from ancient times and depict symbols mainly linked to a meaning of protection and guardianship. Most of them are personal statement  but some have common significance. Here we present some of the most popular tattoo meanings.

  Old school tattoos depict thousands of years old symbols and and tradition. 

Lady head tattoos

Often lady heads tattoo are linked to beauty, femininity, romance, desire, independance or luck. Could it also be heroine muse or lover. The lonely sailors in sea thousands miles from home, often have such tattoos, to remember their beloved. Many tattoos depict gypsy women from the roman culture, symbols of journe, adventure and free life style.

 Swallow tattoos

In addition that a sailor has over 5000 miles behind, the swallow means return. This return has two interpretation. First is the famous swallow grouping shape. Second is considered that if a man dies at sea, birds carry his soul back home in heaven.

Anchor tattoo

At sea the anchor is the most stable object in seaman's life, symbol of stability. That's why you often see anchor tattoos with the name of beloved person. The anchor has become popular over the years but the symbolism stays the same - remembrance of stability.

Shark tattoos

You love them or hate them. Sometimes animal tattoos have charecter -  lion symbolises bravery, panther - endurance, shark is more about the difficulties you overcome in your life. Stand your ground or be someone else's food.

Dragon tattoos

We all admire deeply the japanese tattoo masters work. The dragon in the asian culture means many things. Fertility, prosperity, water and sky symbol. On the other hand in the western culture, the dragon breaths fire and brings chaos and destruction.

Scull tattoos

The tattoo is one of the few decisions in life we cannot erase. Themes like sculls and death are widely accepted. Tattoos in ancien times were often marked on soldiers, adventurers and mercenaries. People whose choices in life lead them to doom. Often "Death or dishonor"  and "Rats gets fat while brave men die"  slogans are tattooed along with sculls.

Snake tattoos

Snake tattoos represent power and strenth. Unlike panthers which are oftenly depicted sneaking and stalking, snakes are shown coiled and ready to strike, a warding off misfortune, evil and brawls. 

Panther tattoos

Panther is a symbol of courage, strenth and heroism. Often drown wild with open jaws and bloody claws.

Eagle tattoos

The eagle is an american symbol, representing intelligence, honor and prowess. For the patriots eagle is a symbol of the idealized America. A country which backs down for nobody and stands of its convictions. The eagle tattoos are mostly shown  with the national flag.

Ship tattoos

For the sailors the ship is practical and metaphorical. This is the place you work but also with the meaning of adventure. Fast sailing clippers ship tattoos are linked to adventure and determination.

Heart tattoos

The long sailing days at sea, the continuous time of restrictions and the possibility not returning home - the heart tattoo keeps your loved ones close. Sometimes in addition hearts are depicted with a name or names. Heart tattoos even today ramain one of the most popular among seamen and ordinary people.

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