Laser Tattoo removals

  Till now it was considered that people with tattoos have them forever.

Now dermatologists turn to lasers as a resourse for removing tattoos. It is a good news for people who made spontaneous choice or who want to remove his or hers X's name.

The procedure is short, but for complete and full removal are needed several visitations.

Doctors who operate with lasers put very short beam lasting only a nano second. Such light beams are very high on energy, which damages the skin cells in the treated zone. This way the particles in the molecules contained in the ink pigment, shatter on a smaller clusters with minimal skin damage.

Different wave lenght acts differently on the pigment. Short wave lasers shatter well the red inks, long wave lenght are used for green, blue and violet. For the Black there is no matter the lenght of the wave. This is why the black pigment absorbes every colour of the light spectre. 

Already shuttered small particles are taken by the lymphatic system, this is vessels network which helps the body to get rid of unwanted materials.

Tattoo removal takes time. Usualy 5- 10 sessions.

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