The least tattoo-friendly countries

 Only for over few decades Tattoos turned from a gang member symbols into art. But still, there are some countries where tattoos are taboo.

   Here some of them


Few years ago Turkey applied series of law restrictions for tattoos in the educational institutions, after moral discussions about the educational system. Tattoos are extremely popular among young people in the big cities. Wide spread is the opinion that getting a tattoo is a decision that only a responsible and mature person can take.


Even from 1966 the Danish people were banned from tattooing their neck, head and hands. Things will change soon. The Social Liberal Party expressed a will to cancel this morally obsolete law. In the modern world this decision has to be individual and everybody decides on his own.


Few years ago Iran decided to ban tattoos as illegal. Some other things had to change as well - some extravagant haircuts or the use of sunbeds. The motive is that this worships the devil. The conservative Iranians see these as a noxious western influence, which is in contradiction to Iranian system and laws.

Iran is ruled by strictly following the  islamic Sharia and in every non-compliance the agencies take action.

Sri Lanka

In 2014 a British tourist was deported from Sri Lanka because she had a Buda tattoo on her arm. She was arrested upon arrival at Colombo airport for "harming the religious feelings" of others. Mrs. Coleman explained she practices buddhism, but this didn't make a difference. The authorities regularly take action against signals for offends to buddhism. 

United Arab Emirates 

Despite you won't be put behind bars, you can be legally deported and obtain a lifetime ban for entering the country, only because you have tattoos. Islam forbids and it is commonly accepted by the Emirates people. Tattoos are considered as a form of self-harming which is in total contradiction with the local religion. If someone wants to work in institutions like police, army, even local airlines, tattoo removal is mandatory.


Last year government survey led by the Official Tourism Agency revealed that 56% of hotels and other accommodation facilities do not let tattooed visitors to their public pools and saunas.

North Korea

There is no law against tattoos in North Korea, but they are subject to regulations and to comply, the tattoo has to meet some requirements. The tattoos in North Korea have to bring praise to the Kim family. They have to be politicly empathetic to the  country ideology or be slogans similar to: 

"Our Great leader guardian" , "We all are General's children", "Defender of the homeland" and others.

South Korea

Again, tattooing is not illegal in South Korea, but the law strictly regulates and allows only to a licensed medicine doctor to conduct these procedures. Because of this reason, growing number tattoo artists are threatened by prosecution by local  authorities.

So if you want to get a tattoo in South Korea, you have to visit a hospital. Local regulatory institutions explain that the law was made this way, because of concerns about people's health. These procedures have risk of infection an diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

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