top 8 best tattoo artists

In the art world there's no such thing as "the best". Everybody is best in his own style and it is a matter of private feeling.

But still, in the style of photorealism some artists stand out over others. Here are some of the biggest names:

Carlos Torres(California)

Carlos torres is one of  the most recogniseble names in the tattoo industry. In his syile realism and surrealism, his work is influenced by the victorian style, as in the process of creation a personal design he includes all from renting and photographing models, to digitally processing of each piece. In 2017 he opens "The Raven and the wolves" in Long Beach downtown.

Check out his site: The Raven and The Wolves

Steve Butcher(New Zeland)

Steve Butcher is world famous artist whose work is influenced by famous pop artist and sport stars portraits.He works mainly portraits and photorealism. Nowadays he lives in California. Exclusively detailed pieces.  He also has tattoo ink set with his name by the famous tattoo ink company Intenze.

See more on his site: Home | Stevebutcher (

Dmitriy Samohin (Ukraine)

Born and raised in Ukraine he is one of the best artists who took the color tattoo to another level. His works combine vibrant colors and celebrity portraits.  He also has sponsorship from Manufacturer brands like Ink Machines (Swedish tattoo machines  manufacturer) and Kwadron (needles and cartridges company). He has unique style and over a million followers in the social networks.  See more : (1) Dmitriy Samohin | Facebook

Another artist is Nikko Hurtado(USA)

Famous for his hyper realistic colour portraits. Raised in san Fernando, then he moved to St.Monica and after time he opend his studio in the heart of Hollywood. He attends several reality formats and TV productions for tattoos- LA ink, Ink Master. 

See more on his site

Robert Hernandez (Madrid)

One of the most famous artist in the tattoo industry. Interesting fact is his net ballance estimated of over $1.5 mln. His tattoo charge starts from $2000 depending on the design. Some of his clients are celebrities such as Victoria Nd David Beckham, KISS members and others.

See more on his site

  One of the artists spent the longest time in the industry is BobTyrell (Los Angeles).

Born 1962 in Detroit, currently works in LA, worked with celebrities like Kid Rock, attended as a jury in LA ink and London Ink.

See more at his site

Yomico Moreno (Venezuela) currently works in USA, is an artist who started tattooing in his home town Puerto Cabello. His preffered style is color hyper photorealism.

Paul Booth (USA) - Tattoo artist, painter and musician famous for his black&gray realism and surrealism works. With the time he built followers all over the world, obssesed by his art.

 His clients are many artists and musicians, band members like Slipknot, Mudvayne, Slayer, Pantera, Soulfly, Lamb of God and Sepultura. Intersting fact is that Booth is the one and only tattoo artist honored to be accepted as a National Art Club member, the oldest and most respected institution among art community in USA.

See more here

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