21 things that secretly annoy tattoo artists

   It is so easy to get wrapped in the desire to get a tattoo but it is also easy to go wrong woth your choice. There are some things to keep in mind, especially if it is your first time. Do a research and find the studio that suits you. Find time and talk to the tattoo artist about the details, your idea, his vision and ask all the quiestions that excite you. All this makes the process before you start your project easy and most of the artists appreciate such clients, who know what they want. But there are also some more things you can pay attention to.

1.  One of the things which tattoo artists don't like is that you complain about the final price of your tattoo. The price is different at each place, because every tattoo artist decides for himself how to value his labor. If you reconsider, you can always go to a cheaper tattoo shop, but with tattoos the price usually goes up along with the quality.

2.  When you try to bargain for a cheaper price. Don't do it. Most of the tattoo artists charge by hour and it is possible to save some money putting pressure on your artist to hurry, but tattoos last and you may regret that you had quickly done tattoo after.

3.  When you ask your tattoo artist to copy another artist's work. The individual design represents the style of the tattoo artist and you better give your artist  the opportunity to give something unique to you, which no one else has.

4.  When you try to convince you are over 18, even it is obvious you are under age. Or if time is favorable to you and you are 40 but you look 18, it is fine to carry your ID.

5.  When you expect your tattoo artist choose a design for you as soon as you walk in. The preparation of the design takes time, especially for larger pieces.

6.  Or if you are uncertain about the design you want and then you don't like the sketch the artist did for you after. It is good to have an idea what you want, where you want it, how big.

7.  When you ask for a major change in the last minute, even when your tattoo artist has already started. It is possible that there will be no turning back. Think wisely and be certain about your choice.

8.  When you try to get tattooed after a hangover. The alcohol influences the blood clotting and it is hard to work, that's why most tattoo artists send back these clients. Even for yourself, you may regret the choice you did under the influence of alcohol.

9.  When you disagree to pay deposit for your appointment. The reserved date means that the tattoo artist has planned his day especially for you. The deposit is a guaranty  you are serious and if you cancel your booking at the last moment or you don't show up, very often you loose the deposit. 

10.  When you take with you your entire entourage and they hoover all over the studio. Tattooing requires focusing and piece of mind. Gathering of people and noise distract tattoo artists and that's why they rather prefer you come alone.

11.  When you keep asking who much it will hurt. If you are so concerned about the pain there are numbing creams. Usually the are applied 1-1.5 hours prior work.

12.  When you ask you tattoo artist to do brakes each 5 minutes for cigarette or restroom. 

13. When you keep asking how much till the end. This way you put pressure on your tattoo artist to hurry, but the good tattoos take time.

14.  When you expect a full tattoo sleeve in one session. This happens very rare. It depends on the design, large projects take time and preplanning. The more complex the design is, the more time it takes to complete.

15.  When you try to advice your tattoo artist how to do his job.

16.  When you decide to cancel your appointment at the very last moment. This is not pleasant, most often for us this is a wasted day. We can hardly find another client to react so quickly and come instead of you.

17.  Or when you show up for your appointment, but you are late one hour. It is common for tattoo studios to have few bookings a day and when someone is late, the client after him is also delayed. Just be on time.

18.  When you reschedule your appointment again and again. This only shows you are not serious and it is possible to be rejected for another appointment.

19.  When you keep wiggling during the session. Yes, tattoos are painful experience but this way you make your tattoo artist's  job harder.

20.  When you don't follow tattoo aftercare advices and expect your tattoo artist fix it. After you have already completed tattoo the responsibility for taking care of it is entirely yours. Follow the advices, otherwise you may end up visiting the tattoo studio one more time. Some mistakes can be fixed, but some can't. 

21.  And last, when you don't tip because you think it is unnecessary. This applies mostly for US and Western Europe, where this is widely accepted in the field in service.

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